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Heybook.me! works for pretty much every industry. Most small businesses are using Heybook.me today. It is used by photographers, lawyers, publishers, yoga teachers, event planners, tour guides, video producers, ad agencies, app developers, management companies, medical professionals, graphic designers, law firms, planners, consultants, interior designers, artists, other freelancers, other service-based professionals, and anyone else who wants to be able to book clients/jobs through social media, email, or their website.
Heybook.me works for multiple industries

Heybook.me work for multiple industries.

At heybook.me, we help people with no time-management experience to get organized. With just a few clicks, you can have all your customer’s time slots neatly organized so you never miss another appointment again. Whether you are a freelancer or a team of multiple professionals, heybook.me will help you book your customers so you never miss an appointment again.


freelancers can use Heybook.me to collect payment, take meetings, synch important events and manage their schedule easily from their clients.

Small Businesses

Small businesses will automates all their operations, go paperless and be more productive by managing all their business via Heybookme.

Large Team

As a large team, you would have access to multiple location to manage your business across the globe and assigned roles to your team to run your business

Hair and Beauty

Heybook.me is the smartest way to book hair and beauty appointments, and it’s changing how people find, book, and share their favorite providers in the industry. With Heybook.me, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting an appointment or waiting in a frustrating queue again. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to find and book your next best appointment in town in seconds.

Hair Salon

Heybook.me provides your salon with a variety of flexible features that allow you to run your business in a fashionable manner.


Give your customers what they want – a moment of quiet and leisure. Stop the spa phone ringing and let your clients book online. Having paid upfront, they may completely enjoy their spa experience.

Beauty Salon

HeyBook.me is meant to administer your entire beauty business, from online bookings to payments, marketing, reviews, and overall management!

Eyelash & Nails salon

Our nail salon clientele adore the automated SMS and email reminders. Give your clients your undivided attention and Let HeyBook.me handle your bookings and client alerts.

Professional Services

Whatever industry you’re in, Heybook.me can help you schedule time for your customers, even if they live far away. It’s perfect for service-based businesses, consultants, coaches, or anyone who wants to offer an appointment-based business model. The system is intuitive and easy to use and it includes features such as shared calendars and syncing with your Gmail account


Whether you are a single consultant or a large consultancy firm with multiple locations we can take care of your appointments.


HeyBook.me can be used to schedule your coaching sessions, whether you provide them in person or online via video/audio chats.

House cleaners

Manage your time like a pro with HeyBook.me and access your calendar, client info and more from within the admin app 24/7.


Accept bookings via a booking website, Facebook, Instagram, Booking.page or Google by signing up with HeyBook.me.

Sports & Fitness

Heybook.me will help you manage all your booking in-person fitness coaching globally. We provide a marketplace for coaches and a booking system for customers. We want to build an easier way to find and book fitness coaching sessions with your friends, colleagues, and local experts all over the world.

Personal Trainers

Give your clients your undivided attention in order to get them in the best shape of their lives by scheduling your appointments online.

Yoga classes

You can easily organize your yoga classes, allow clients to book online, and create class schedules for a more relaxed experience.

Golf classes

Allow your budding golf pros to register for their classes online; make sure you have the necessary equipment on hand; and organize group sessions.

Fitness classes

Multiple clients in every session, class schedules, and trainers must all be planned ahead of time.

Healthcare indutsry

Heybook.me is build to help Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing homes, Doctor’s offices, Nursing homes, Rehab centers, Nutritionists, Pharmacies, Opticians, Chiropractors, Hearing Impaired manage all their bookings with their clients.


Send booking confirmations to clients and service providers upon booking as well as reminders before the appointmen


A one-stop solution = Website, bookings, marketing tools, payments, invoices and communication with clients.

Dental Clinics

Send automated “book soon” notifications to your clients 12 months after the last checkup.


Accept bookings via your booking website, Facebook, Instagram, Google and Booking.page.

Entertainment & Event.

You need to book your event, but it’s weeknights and you’re tired of browsing online. Heybook.me platform allows your guests to book your event in 2 minutes?no clicking needed?all it takes is the touch of their fingertip. This is the land of opportunity where everyone makes an impact.


Schedule individual sessions, major and minor activities, and your overall schedule. Allow customers to check your availability and make reservations.

Scape Rooms

Allow your customers to book into your escape rooms to put their skills to the test, be afraid, and have a good time in your business.

Equipment Rental

Enable booking right away and no waiting for confirmations by letting customers know when your equipment is ready.

Events & Conferences

When you have a free meeting room, let your customers book it online so that they can attend meetings, presentations, or whatever else they require.

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